Loyal to Green & White Night 2018

Chapelle alumnae and their 5th, 6th, and 7th grade guests enjoyed Loyal to Green & White Night, an evening on campus honoring the Chapelle legacy. The Archbishop Chapelle Alumnae and Admissions offices worked together to plan the special event, with the help of Alumnae Board members, and focused on strengthening the bond between alumnae and the next generation of Chapelle students.

President/Principal, Leila Benoit, warmly welcomed guests, and Admissions Director, Emily Radcliffe ‘10, reflected on her time as a Chipmunk and the many traditions that are still present in the Chapelle community today.

Alumna, Anne Messina Southworth ‘86, and daughter, Abby ‘20, shared a heartfelt reflection on the pride they share as a Chapelle legacy family. Anne, sporting her red senior sweater, recalled family members, including daughter, Allison ‘18, and friends who are Chapelle alumnae and stated, “The best part about all of our legacy connections is that all of them are the type of people I hoped my daughters would grow up to be.” Abby acknowledged that the bonds between Chapelle alumnae stem far beyond mothers and daughters. In talking about her teachers and staff members who are Chapelle alumnae, Abby says she is “inspired and in awe of how they loved their school so much that they came back to carry on the Chapelle legacy through teaching. Hopefully, someday, that will be me.”

The Loyal to Green & White Night experience, complete with a photo booth, delicious menu, and handmade mementos featuring the iconic Chapelle crest, was a memorable one for alumnae and their guests. Alumnae Director, Pam Ottesen Kennedy ‘87, recognized the event as “one of our most important alumnae events of the year and one I look forward to the most.”

Anne closed with a gentle warning for legacy moms to “have tissue ready the first time you sing the Alma Mater side by side.”

For more pictures from Loyal to Green and White, please visit: https://chapelle.smugmug.com/Chapelle-2018-2019/September-2018/Loyal-to-Green-and-White-Night-2018/




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